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ISO Rating 3/3X/10 - ISO's Explanation

ISO's classification ratings are used by many insurance companies as part of the basis for setting premiums for policies covering personal and commercial property. An improvement in the Public Protection Classification (PPC) often means lower premiums for property owners.

Sevierville property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance agents with the news of the improved PPC, as underwriters do not always check them automatically. Contact your insurance company for additional information on possible rate reduction due to the new changes (effective July 1, 2014).

  • 3 - Defined as within 5 miles of fire station and within 1000' from hydrant
  • 3X - Defined as greater than 5 miles, not more than 7 miles from fire station and within 1000' of hydrant
  • 10 - Defined as greater than 7 miles from fire station or no hydrant within 1000'

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