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Hospitality Tax Information

If you rent through Airbnb or VRBO please click here before starting an application.

You are required to file any prior and current tax period filings on the CSS system found at If you have trouble registering please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 865-453-5504, or check out our FAQ on how to setup an account in the new CSS system.

Hospitality tax includes 2% restaurant and amusement taxes and 3% lodging tax.

To set up your account, please use the following links:

Once your Certificate of Zoning Compliance has been issued:

If you are outside the city limits, determine your location and contact your jurisdiction at:

  • Sevier County: 865-453-5502
  • Pigeon Forge: 865-453-9061
  • Gatlinburg: 865-436-1400

Note: Please remember to attach the proper tax exempt documentation when mailing your form and payment if you are using the tax exempt option when filing your return.


  • What is hospitality tax? +

    Tourism is the main economic driver for Sevierville and Sevier County. For many years, the City of Sevierville has strived to increase tourism investment. In order to effectively grow this vitally important industry, the City invests considerable resources in tourist-related efforts. The hospitality taxes consist of three separate taxes: a 2% restaurant tax, a 2% amusement tax and a 3% lodging tax. By ordinance, two-thirds of the projected revenue resulting from these taxes is earmarked for tourism advertising and tourism-related infrastructure expenditures. Read More
  • What will the tax revenue be used for? +

    These taxes will be allocated towards tourism advertising and tourism-related infrastructure expenditures. Read More
  • Does it matter how a business shows the tax to the consumers, for receipting purposes? +

    State sales tax for the City of Sevierville is currently 9.75%, and should be listed as such on all receipts. The hospitality tax should be listed as a separate line item, such as “amusement tax” or “restaurant tax” or “lodging tax” so as not to confuse the customers, and give the opinion that the state sales tax has increased for our area. Read More
  • Can I pay the taxes via mail or at City Hall, or do I have to use the online process? +

    All restaurant, amusement and lodging taxes must be filed online. Please complete your filing process online, print a copy for your records, and a copy to remit with your payment directly to City Hall. Online payment options are available. Read More
  • Where can I find information regarding the tax? +

    A copy of each law is available online at These documents are on the home page and titled as follows: · Sevierville  Amusement Tax · Sevierville  Restaurant Tax · Sevierville Lodging Tax Read More
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