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Sevierville Modifies Recycling Program

Posted 08-18-21.

Effective September 3, 2021, the City of Sevierville will limit the types of materials accepted at the City’s drop off recycling center at 310 Robert Henderson Road. This change is primarily due to high contamination in materials being dropped off at the facility.

To facilitate this change, the recycling bins will be temporarily removed and therefore no recycling service will be available, from 6:00 a.m. Friday, September 3-8:00 a.m. Wednesday, September 8. New signage will be in place on September 8 reflecting the new recycling guidelines.


Beginning September 8, only the following materials will be accepted at the recycling center:
• Plastic – bottles and jugs only
• Aluminum cans
• NOTE: Plastic and aluminum will need to be separated and placed in the appropriate container.

Beginning September 3, the following materials will no longer be accepted at the recycling center:
• Paper, magazines, cardboard – These items can be placed in your regular garbage and will be composted at the local landfill.
• Food containers
• Styrofoam
• Metal/tin cans
• Any other material, not mentioned above, that may have been previously placed in the City’s recycling containers.
Please remember that the local landfill is a composting facility and any items normally considered junk should not be placed with your garbage. Junk items can cause serious and costly damage and lengthy delays at the composting facility. Please call the Public Works Facility at 865-429-4567 if you have any questions.