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Work Resumes on West Prong Greenway Extension

Posted 06-08-20.

After several months of delays due to a significant redesign caused by several challenges, work on the West Prong Greenway Extension has resumed.


Last week, contractors began building the foundation for one of the two observation areas that are included in the $250,000.00 project. 80% of the project cost is covered by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Conservation. The City of Sevierville is responsible for the remaining 20%. City staff will build the observation areas and pave the new section.

The extension presented several unique challenges including ADA and federal flood requirements, and a nearby underground 24” high pressure gas line.

“We’re excited that work on the project has restarted,” said Bob Parker, Director of Parks and Recreation. “We hope to have the extension completed in about sixty days.” Parker noted that the redesign will include a retaining wall on the riverbank.

The extension is the last section of the West Prong Greenway. Once completed, it will provide alternative transportation and recreational opportunities from Chapman Highway to Sevierville City Park along the bank of the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River.