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Policy on Requirements for Stamped or Sealed Drawings

In order to safeguard life, health and property, and to promote public welfare, the Department of Code Enforcement of the City of Sevierville has established this policy enacting requirements for “stamped or sealed” drawings for building projects within the city limits of Sevierville.

“Stamped or sealed” drawings when required, must be prepared, signed and dated by an architect or engineer duly authorized and licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee. The following types of buildings will require drawings, which are prepared by an architect and/or engineer, prior to issuing a building permit.

  •  All new commercial or industrial buildings regardless of occupancy type or size.
  • All residential projects other than one and two-family dwellings. This includes overnight rental cabins or houses.
  • Any renovation to, or new construction being performed to, an existing commercial, industrial or residential structure in which any of the following circumstances occurs:
  1. Involves major mechanical, plumbing or electrical changes or additions.
  2. Involves a change of occupancy as defined in the 2012 International Building Code.
  3. Involves a structure or tenant space greater than 2,000 square feet.
  4. Involves any structural changes or additions.
  • Any required drawings may be limited to reflect only the information needed in the required fields of trade. For instance, plumbing drawings would not be required if no changes were being made to the plumbing.

Planning Deadline

Items to be considered for action by the Sevierville Planning Commission must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. 28 days prior to the meeting. 

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