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Sevierville Fire Department

The mission of the Sevierville Fire Department is to respond effectively and efficiently to all calls for service and to treat everyone with respect.

CPR/AED Classes

In this classroom-based course, participants will learn to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR to victims of all ages, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. The class fee is $15.00/person (checks payable to the City of Sevierville), which includes all class materials and a certification card.

Ongoing Training

Our Firefighters go through extensive classroom and real world training continuously.

Fire Prevention

Smoke alarms save lives! Check them monthly. If you do not already have working smoke alarms, or if they are over 10 years old, please complete the Smoke Alarm request form.

Report an Issue

Send email to report a problem to the City of Sevierville here

Report an issue or make a service request.

Keeping You Safe

Check Consumer Product Safety Recall information here Consumer Product Safety Recall

ISO Rating 3/3X/10

Learn more about ratings in the city limits here Learn more about ratings in the city limits.

Smoke Alarm Request

Request a Smoke Alarm here Request a Smoke Alarm

ISO Rating 3/3X/10 - ISO's Explanation

ISO's classification ratings are used by many insurance companies as part of the basis for setting premiums for policies covering personal and commercial property. An improvement in the Public Protection Classification (PPC) often means lower premiums for property owners.

Sevierville property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance agents with the news of the improved PPC, as underwriters do not always check them automatically. Contact your insurance company for additional information on possible rate reduction due to the new changes (effective July 1, 2014).

  • 3 - Defined as within 5 miles of fire station and within 1000' from hydrant
  • 3X - Defined as greater than 5 miles, not more than 7 miles from fire station and within 1000' of hydrant
  • 10 - Defined as greater than 7 miles from fire station or no hydrant within 1000'

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