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Sevierville Fire Department Fire Focuses on Building Inspections

Posted 05-03-18.

Perhaps the most important task that the Sevierville Fire Department performs throughout the year is fire prevention. One aspect of fire prevention is inspection of commercial and public buildings.

The SFD is currently focusing fire prevention efforts on commercial buildings to ensure that all businesses are operating within the fire code for the safety of the public and their respective employees.

Inspectors will be looking for compliance with Life Safety Code violations and target fire hazards such as blocked fire exits, improperly working or uninspected fire extinguishers, emergency lights, exit signs and fire sprinkler systems. They will also watch for certain items that are common causes of fires both locally and nationally, including extension cords, improperly stored items or cluttered storage areas. Recent pictures of fires in our city caused by these items are available on the City website Fire Department pages (

Inspectors will be enforcing code requirements when violations are present.

In 2016, the City of Sevierville adopted the same International Building and Fire Codes as the State of Tennessee. Fire Marshal J.C. Green and Fire Inspector Lee Wilson inspect new construction and existing buildings including businesses, churches, hotels and apartments annually to ensure they comply with fire codes. While they are both trained to determine the cause of a fire, they are also experts in fire prevention.

If you are planning to remodel, expand or just change seating, carpet or doors in your business, you should obtain a building permit and talk to a fire code official before starting so that the purchases and changes you plan to make comply with the fire code. Remember, no one wants unnecessary delays in re-opening or completing expansions!

For more information please visit or call the Sevierville Fire Department (865) 453-9276.