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To Plant or Not to Plant?

Posted 04-18-18.

Spring is here, and that means….mowing the grass and fighting allergies! Fortunately, it also means temperatures are warming-up, trees are getting green and some plants are starting to bloom.

For City Parks and Recreation landscaping staff, it means working towards a decision on when to plant hundreds of flowers that have been growing in our greenhouses. In the meantime, we have already planted many beautiful pansies and tulips.

Each spring, our staff researches the long-term weather forecast on a daily basis as they attempt to decide when it is safe to start the major planting. It’s an important decision; planting too early can result in dead or damaged plants from frost. City staff cannot afford to plant too early, because we grow our own flowers and do not have a budget large enough to purchase replacement products.

So, the City will be planting around town soon…but not quite yet.