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Get Ready! New All-Inclusive Playground Grand Opening Scheduled

Posted June 19, 2017

The grand opening of the new all-inclusive Mt. Ton of Fun playground at Sevierville City Park is just around the corner! A public/private partnership between the City and non-profit Project Sevier will culminate in a playground designed for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

The grand opening of this fascinating new playground will take place at 4:30PM Monday, July 17 at Sevierville City Park, 1005 Park Road.

Six years ago, a Leadership Tomorrow group had the dream of creating a playground that would be accessible to everyone, which led to the formation of Project Sevier and ultimately a partnership with the City. Significant funding and materials have also been provided by Vulcan Materials and Blalock's Construction.

The grand opening will include a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of phases one and two; future construction will add even more equipment. The new playground is designed to stimulate interest, excitement and inclusive play at every turn and includes equipment for both adults and children with disabilities, and older persons so they may interact with their children at play.

One unique feature of the new playground is the Lunar Blast Climber, which is the largest shaded climbing structure of this type in the world. The playground also includes an ADA-approved inclusive and sensory rich play surface by Forever Lawn. The playground is designed to accommodate children two years old and above and offers exercise equipment for older children and parents whom would like to exercise while their child or younger siblings are playing. The playground will be secured with a fence, lighting and cameras that will provide a safer environment for all users.

Color Rendering of the All Inclusive Playground "Mt Ton of Fun" being constructed at the Sevierville City Park.