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New Four-Way Stop on Middle Creek Road

Posted 12-13-17

Please note: previous information released stated that the new four-way stop would be in effect beginning Wednesday, December 13. However, forecasted weather conditions make it more advantageous to install stop bars at the intersection Thursday morning.

On December 14, drivers passing through the Middle Creek Road/Ernest McMahan Road/Fox Meadows Blvd. intersection will stop and take notice-literally-of a new four-way stop. City staff have studied this intersection, looking for ways to make it more efficient and safe.

A recent independent warrant analysis by our consultant traffic engineering firm recommended the best approach would be to install a four-way stop. Installation of traffic signals was also considered, however the analysis showed that traffic volumes were too low to justify that option. The four-way stop is expected to improve traffic flow and safety.

Information on Vehicle Burglary and Theft Prevention

Postd 11-27-17

The Sevierville Police Department (SPD) investigates many car break-ins and purse thefts each year. Often these crimes of opportunity could have been prevented by sound security practices. Besides the loss of personal property, victims may also have to contend with costly damages to their vehicle. In some rare instances, purse snatchings and vehicle break-ins have also lead to home burglaries.

During the holidays, the number of purse thefts and vehicle break-ins normally increase. Owners sometimes leave vehicles unlocked while shopping or parked at home, providing easy targets for thieves. The following information has been compiled by the SPD to help reduce your risk.

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New Fire Department Headquarters Groundbreaking

Posted 11-09-17.

The City of Sevierville Fire Department would like to invite all residents to the new Fire Department headquarters groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, November 20 @ 2:00PM. The building will be located at 1162 Dolly Parton Parkway, the former site of the Sevierville Water Treatment Plant.

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Fire Department Participates in Get Alarmed TN Program

Posted 11-09-17.

The Sevierville Fire Department will be in the Love Addition neighborhood this Saturday, November 11, 2017 to promote smoke alarm awareness.

As part of the Get Alarmed TN program, beginning at approximately 9:30AM firefighters will be going door to door throughout the Love Addition neighborhood offering to check existing smoke alarms and install new alarms, all at no cost to residents.

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Residential Garbage Curbside Collection Guidelines

Posted 11-03-17

The City of Sevierville Solid Waste Department strives to always meet the needs of our residential garbage customers. There are many factors that can affect residential collection, such as equipment breakdowns, utility/road work in a neighborhood, and holidays. When these challenges occur, we may need to collect garbage earlier or later than usual so we recommend that customers place their garbage containers at curbside no later than 6AM on your scheduled collection day, or even the night before collection.

Collection guidelines for residents help garbage truck drivers collect waste efficiently and effectively. The driver is the only person on the automated truck, each route includes up to 800 individual collections, and the route must be completed by the end of the driver’s shift. Below is a list of some collection guidelines that we ask customers to follow.

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