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New Ordinance Pertaining to Illegal Soliciting/Panhandling

Posted 09-29-17

The City of Sevierville has established a new ordinance designed to discourage illegal soliciting/panhandling and improve certain areas in the City for residents and visitors. Giving to panhandlers may seem like a good thing, but it may do more harm than good. Consider that:
• Giving panhandlers money may discourage them from finding a long term solution to their difficulties.
• Panhandling can cause pedestrian and traffic safety issues
• Panhandling often makes pedestrians and motorists concerned for their safety.
• Panhandlers sometimes buy alcohol and/or drugs with the money you give.
• When confronted by a panhandler, the best thing to do is politely decline and continue on your way.
• Social service agencies are available to help persons who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and employment.

If you witness illegal soliciting or panhandling, please call the Sevierville Police Department @ 865-453-5506.

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Focus on Home Fire Safety During Fire Prevention Week

Posted 9-29-17

October 8-14 is Fire Prevention Week. The Sevierville Fire Department offers the following information to help keep you safe at home. For more fire safety information, visit the SFD web pages at The SFD offers free comprehensive fire safety inspections of residences and businesses. Call 865-453-9276 for more information.

In a fire, seconds count. Seconds can mean the difference between residents of our community escaping safely from a fire or having their lives end in tragedy.

• Practice your home fire drill twice a year. Conduct one at night and one during the day with everyone in your home, and practice using different ways out.

• Teach children how to escape on their own in case you can’t help them.

• Make sure the address/number of your home is clearly marked and easy for the fire department to find.

• Close doors behind you as you leave – this may slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire.

• Once you get outside, stay outside. Never go back inside a burning building.

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Leaf Collection Begins October 16

Posted 9-29-17

The City of Sevierville Public Works Department announces leaf collection will begin on Monday, October 16, 2017 and is scheduled to conclude January 26, 2018. This date may be adjusted if warranted by weather conditions.

Residents may choose either of the following leaf collection alternatives. Please read each alternative carefully and direct any questions you may have to the Public Works Department at 429-4567.

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Collision Avoidance Training for Young Drivers

Posted 09-28-17

Collision Avoidance Training for Young Drivers

In an effort to improve the driving abilities and overall safety of younger drivers, the Sevierville Police Department (SPD) has scheduled a 12-hour Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) seminar on October 5 (6PM-9PM @ SPD) and October 7 (8AM-5PM @ the Sevierville Convention Center). The training is for drivers aged 16-20 years old who have a valid driver’s license (participants are required to provide their own vehicle and have current insurance). The seminar is taught by SPD Officers utilizing a nationally proven program. The fee of $60.00 covers course materials and instructors. Registration is limited to ten students.

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Sevierville Police Schedule Ceremony for Recent Promotions

Posted 09-27-17

Sevierville Police Schedule Ceremony for Recent Promotions

The City of Sevierville has scheduled a pinning ceremony to recognize several recent promotions in the department. The brief event will take place at the Sevierville Police Department at 2:00PM tomorrow, Friday, September 29. The media and public are invited to attend.

The following officers were promoted to the rank of sergeant:
Ray Brown
Matt Nicol
Graham Ownby
Brandan Perry
Jamie Roberts
Phillip West.

The following officers were promoted to the rank of lieutenant:
Robbie Ball
Rebecca Cowan.

Fire Department Offers CPR/AED Class October 21

Posted 09-28-17

Fire Department Offers CPR/AED Class

The Sevierville Fire Department (SFD) is offering citizens an opportunity to become certified in CPR/AED and also learn some fire safety tips from the pros.

The SFD has scheduled a classroom-based CPR/AED course open to the community on Saturday, October 21 from 8:30AM-12:30PM at Fire Station 1 (main downtown station), 122 Prince Street.

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Sevierville to Participate in 14th National DEA Drug Take Back Initiative

Posted 09-28-17

Sevierville to Participate in 14th National DEA Drug Take Back Initiative

As a full-time partner with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the City of Sevierville Police Department (SPD) will partner with Walgreens in the 14th National DEA Drug Take Back Initiative. The event will be on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 10:00AM-2:00PM at Walgreens, 119 Forks of the River Parkway. SPD Lieutenant Ken Garner, Office of Emergency Management Director, will be on duty to assist citizens who may have questions. At last year’s event over 30,000 pounds of unused, unwanted, and expired medication was collected in the State of Tennessee.

During past drug take back events, SPD officers have collected, on average, over forty-five pounds of drugs. After collection, all drugs are destroyed by incinerator and any plastics received are recycled.

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