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August 2017

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Fire Prevention

Call 911 for Emergencies

In an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately from any wired or wireless phone. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department... read more..

Fire Prevention

Carbon Monoxide Safety in RVs & Tents

As Tennesseans pack up and head out to their favorite campsites, the State Fire Marshal's Office urges campers to be aware of carbon monoxide dangers in and around tents and RVs.  Carbon monox... read more..

Fire Prevention


Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires in Tennessee. If you smoke in your home, you put your entire household at greater risk of fire. 10.1.1 If you smoke, use only fire-safe cigarettes. The T... read more..

Fire Prevention

Fire Safety for College Students

As the fall semester approaches, colleges and universities are busy preparing for the arrival of new residents to their campus communities. Some will be first year students moving into the residenc... read more..



Long Range Thinking: Over 50% of full time personnel positions expected to be vacant within 10 years Successsion Plan: This needs to be developed to ensure smooth transition of positions and skills ... read more..

Community Growth

Community Growth

Our Service Area

We consider our service area to be the locations in the county that belong to the Northview Academy High School or Sevier County High School districts. ... read more..

Planning Process

Flow Chart

Planning tasks are designated in orange, meetings are brown and customer interactions are peach. Our planning timeline extends into February 2018. ... read more..

Job Openings

Housekeeping - Part-time

The City of Sevierville‚Äôs Convention Center is now accepting applications and/or resumes for the part-time time position of Housekeeping.    The essential function of the position is to... read more..


Our Facilities

Map of Greenways

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Our Facilities

Our Facilities


Outdoor Facilities Tennis Courts SCHS/Seymour High/Northview Academy TSSAA High School Tennis matches and practices (no fee) Middle School Tennis League (no fee) Gunter Polite (private tennis less... read more..

Other Facilties

Map of Private Facilities

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Community Growth

Public Opinion

Public Opinion

Focus Groups

The City hosted three focus groups in the month of October. Groups included a Parks & Recreation user group, a user group A and a user group B. Comments from the Focus Groups  ... read more..

Planning Process

Planning Process


After the SWOT, P&R Committee along with staff should participate in a Visioning program where they decide what they want the P&R program to look like with the city.... read more..

Planning Process

About the Planning Process

Staff will compile all the assessment information, Consultant reports, budget estimates, SWOT analysis, and Visions into a cohesive document. Development Staff will work with the P&R staff to read more..

Master Plan

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