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Beginning January 2024, Commercial dumpster collection rates will transition to a levelized billing system that will provide customers a consistent and predictable monthly bill based on the number of pickups per week scheduled by the customer. Please call 865-429-4567 to determine the rate based on desired need and level of service.

Commercial Dumpster Service

Commercial businesses who have contracted with the City of Sevierville for commercial dumpster service receive the following services at no additional cost:

  • Brush Collection – Generally occurs once a month.
  • Loose Leaf Collection – Collected during the fall (specific days to be advertised)—all other times of the year, leaves and grass clippings may be bagged for collection with bulk rubbish/junk or placed in your dumpster.
  • Bulk Rubbish/Junk – Up to 1 truck load collected twice a month. Special requests may be made for large amounts by calling 865-429-4567. Additional fees apply and service is not available on a continuous basis.

Dumpster size and fees are as follows:


Collection Rates  

Dumpster Rental

4 Cubic Yard $29.00 $25.00
6 Cubic Yard $29.00 $25.00
8 Cubic Yard $39.00 $25.00
8 C.Y. Cardboard      $39.00 $25.00



 Installation Fee

Monthly Rental

Dumpster Lock Bar $100.00 $10.00

On-Call and Extra Pick-ups:

All on-call dumpsters or request for extra pick-ups will be charged at double the regular pick-up rate.

Service Guidelines

The City of Sevierville does not maintain a monopoly on commercial dumpster collection within the City. However, all private haulers must be approved and permitted by the City before they can provide service. Commercial establishments who elect to hire a private hauler to haul their refuse do not receive services such as leaf, brush, and bulk rubbish collection except for a fee. Any commercial establishment wishing to switch to a private hauler must have a zero balance on their account with the City of Sevierville.

Please do not place the following items in dumpsters:

  • Real heavy items or bulk rubbish. We collect these items twice each month or by special arrangement.
  • Concrete, asphalt, carpet, building materials, etc. These items are included in the collection of bulk rubbish.
  • Shrubbery and tree trimmings, stumps, or large pieces of wood. We collect brush separately in a different truck.
  • Any material that could be hazardous or injurious to City of Sevierville or Sevier Solid Waste Authority employees or which could cause damage to City equipment.
  • Flammable liquids, solids, or gases such as gasoline, oil, benzene, alcohol, or other similar hazardous materials.
  • Hot materials such as ashes or cinders. Please wait until they cool.
  • Any infectious waste or biomedical waste. Call your medical supplier for disposal.
  • Human or animal waste, unless it is properly placed in a secure bag before being placed in the container.
  • Large automobile parts, including tires. Tires (removed from the rims) may be taken free of charge to Five Oaks Tire (passenger car tires only), Sevier Farmers Co-op, and Goforth Tire. Please contact the facility of your choosing prior to dropping off to ensure they have the space and availability to receive them.

If the dumpster contains any of these items, the container may not be emptied until such items are removed. An explanation will be attached to the dumpster in such cases.

For more information, call 429-4567 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact Us

Tim Russell, Solid Waste Supervisor

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