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Beginning January 2024, Commercial dumpster collection rates will transition to a levelized billing system that will provide customers a consistent and predictable monthly bill based on the number of pickups per week scheduled by the customer. Please call 865-429-4567 to determine the rate based on desired need and level of service.

Yard Waste and Bulk Rubbish/Junk Guidelines

Your residential and commercial garbage collection fee includes the collection of wastes resulting from the normal and routine maintenance of your yard as well as bulk rubbish/junk you accumulate from time to time.

Click the map to view our junk/bulk rubbish pick up schedule. Search by address to find your property.

For brush, we try to pass by your house at least once a month; however, there may be times when it takes a little longer. Please be patient!  We ask that you place your waste at the edge of a street or public right-of-way easily accessible with our collection equipment (we use a large truck with a claw hook).  However, please take a moment to look around the location in which you place your waste and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it blocking a sidewalk or roadway?  One of our major concerns is the safety of our citizens and employees.  If a sidewalk is blocked, that means someone must walk out into the street, thus increasing the chance of being injured by a vehicle.  Please do not place your waste on the sidewalk.
  • Is it blocking the site distance of traffic entering the roadway? It is the property owner's responsibility to make sure waste is not placed in a way that blocks site distance of any vehicle entering the roadway.
  • Are there electric lines overhead preventing the brush truck from being able to get to your waste?  We also ask that you not place it on top of water meters or gas valves; against utility poles, guy wires, fences, or in a place that may interfere with overhead power lines, tree branches, or parked cars.
  • Is the brush cut in easily manageable lengths of no more than 6’, 18" in diameter, and stacked neatly?

Keep in mind that anything placed at the curb (other than the 95-gallon City container) may be recognized as junk, ready for collection.  Please do not place anything at the curb that you do not want collected and hauled off.

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Contact Us

Tim Russell, Solid Waste Supervisor

310 Robert Henderson Road
Sevierville, TN 37862
Phone: 865.429.4567