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Beginning January 2024, Commercial dumpster collection rates will transition to a levelized billing system that will provide customers a consistent and predictable monthly bill based on the number of pickups per week scheduled by the customer. Please call 865-429-4567 to determine the rate based on desired need and level of service.

Residential Curbside Garbage Collection Information

City of Sevierville residents and businesses who pay for curbside garbage collection receive the following services:

    • Brush Collection - Generally occurs once a month.
    • Loose Leaf Collection – Collected during the fall (specific days to be advertised)—all other times of the year, leaves and grass clippings may be bagged and placed at curbside for collection with bulk rubbish/junk.
    • Household Bulk Rubbish/Junk - Collected twice a month, (call 865-429-4567 for the schedule for your area, or click here for a map).


Residential curbside garbage collection fee: $20.00 per month
Commercial curbside garbage collection fee: $25.00 per month

 Non-Refundable Fees 

Extra garbage can fee $100.00
Reinstatement fee $100.00
Replacement fee (missing/stolen) $100.00


You can help us by following the 95-gallon container guidelines listed below:

  • Containers must be placed at least three (3) feet away from any other object (i.e. tree, mail-box, another container, etc.). Due to the possibility of damaging your property your container may not be emptied if it is placed too close to another item, allow enough room between containers and other objects for the grabber on the automated arm to grab the container.

garbage can mail boxgarbage truck

  • Place at curbside after 6:00 pm the night before or by 6:00 am the day of pick up. Due to equipment breakdowns pickup times may change without notice. Containers should be removed from curbside by 6:00 p.m. after collection. A replacement fee will be charged for damaged or stolen containers.
  • Please place your garbage container at curbside with the handles facing away from the street.
  • Please bag all garbage prior to placing it in the container.
  • Remember, only household garbage INSIDE the approved City container will be collected and the lid on the container must be able to close. If your container is overflowing or garbage is placed on top of the container, it may fall off when the truck empties it and it will be your responsibility to clean it up OR the container may not be emptied at all. Remember, the driver is the only person on the automated truck and has a route that he has to complete by the end of the shift.

Place at curbside after 6:00 pm the night before or by 6:00 am the day of pick up.

Junk should be placed at curbside by 6 a.m. Monday on week of scheduled collection, but no earlier than the Sunday prior to scheduled collection.

What Happens to My Garbage?

The City of Sevierville hauls all household garbage to the composting facility at Sevier Solid Waste, Inc. (SSWI) located on Ridge Rd. where 70% of all garbage is composted and only residuals (plastic cans, metal, etc.) go into the landfill. Once the garbage is dumped on the tipping floor the process of composting begins. A major portion of this process involves the garbage moving through huge rotary digesters. When items other than household garbage end up in the digesters there is a potential for mechanical breakdown. When this happens it results in thousands of dollars in repair cost and man hours to both SSWI and local governments.

For this reason we ask that you not place the following items in your 95-gallon garbage container:

  • Large plastic containers, rugs, carpet/padding, rope, bungee cords, water hose, pots/pans, flower pots, small/large appliances, large plastic sheeting/tarps/pool liners, furniture, etc.  These items should be placed at curbside for bulk/junk collection. Please view our Bulk Rubbish Map for additional information.
  • TV’s/computers,/electronics - collected separately in a different truck - call the Public Works Department for disposal.
  • Shrubbery/tree trimmings, stumps, large pieces of wood.
  • Paint, chemicals, flammable liquids, solids, or gases such as gasoline, used oil, rechargeable batteries, benzene, alcohol, propane/Freon/helium cylinders, or other similar hazardous materials. 
  • Hot materials such as ashes or cinders.  Please wait until they cool.
  • Any infectious waste or biomedical waste.  Call your medical supplier for disposal.
  • Human or animal waste, unless it is properly placed in a secure bag before being placed in the container.

What can I do with things the City will not pick up?

Tires:  Tires without rims can be taken to Sevier County Co-Op, Five Oaks Tire, or Goforth Tire. It is recommended you call before going to make sure there is room on their trailer for the tires you have.

Paint (Latex):  Add mulch, kitty litter, shredded paper, Quickrete, etc. and mix to the consistency of oatmeal. Leave the top off and place at curbside for pickup with junk.

Paint (Oil Based):  Add mulch, kitty litter, shredded paper, Quickrete, etc. and mix to the consistency of oatmeal. Leave the top off and place at curbside for pickup with junk.

Chemicals:  Convenience Center located on Center View Road

Oil: Sevier County Convenience Centers and local auto part stores.

Contact Us

Tim Russell, Solid Waste Supervisor

310 Robert Henderson Road
Sevierville, TN 37862
Phone: 865.429.4567