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January 2023

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Do you charge a fee for a payment arrangement?

There are no fees, but keep in mind that standard late fees may apply for newly billed balances not included in the payment arrangement amount.... read more..


What happens if I am late paying my payment arrangement?

It’s very important to stay current with your payments, especially when you are enrolled in a payment arrangement. A missed payment will make your entire account balance due in full immediately. If no... read more..


How do payment arrangements change my regular monthly balance due?

With a payment arrangement, you pay your regular monthly balance and your payment arrangement installment at the same time by your regular monthly due date.... read more..


Can I change the terms of my payment arrangement after I’m approved?

No. We cannot change payment arrangement terms once the arrangement is in place. Payments must be made regularly and on time.... read more..



What is a payment arrangement?

A payment arrangement is an agreed upon plan that allows you to maintain service while paying off past due balances over a series of monthly installments. The installment amount is then added to futur... read more..

Water Payment

Payment Tips

Open your bill as soon as you receive it. Plan on paying by the due date. Always make a payment. Any payment is better than no payment. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of your bill. read more..


2023 Spring Season Youth Baseball and Softball Registration

What: 2023 Spring Season Youth Baseball and Softball Registration Where: Sevierville Community Center and Online When: January 3- February 26, 2023   The Sevierville Department of Parks and R... read more..

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