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Domestic Violence Victim's Rights

IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, you can ask the District Attorney General to file a criminal complaint. You also have the right to go to the court having control over domestic relations and file a request for an Order of Protection.


  1. An order restraining the abuser from further acts of abuse;
  2. An order directing the abuser to leave your household;
  3. An order preventing the abuser from harassing you or coming around you for any reason;
  4. An order awarding you or the other paren custody of, or visitation rights with your minor child or children;
  5. An order directing the abuser to pay support to you and your minor children if the abuser has a legal obligation to do so.

Please call the City of Sevierville Police Department (865-453-5506) to discuss these and other domestic violence victim’s rights with a police officer.