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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do about stray animals? +

    If you encounter a stray animal in the City of Sevierville, please call the Police Department immediately at 865-453-5506. The SPD Animal Control Officer can assist with collection of most domestic animals. When the ACO is not on duty, Patrol Officers can respond. When we pick-up an animal, we transport it to Sevier Animal Care Center in Sevierville (1040 Dolly Parton Parkway). If you find a stray animal in the city and decide to bring it home, we will not collect the animal unless we are called as soon as you get home. Animals found outside the Sevierville city limits that are brought into the city will not be collected by the SPD. Please contact the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction where the animal is found.
  • What happens to those animals that are caught by the department? +

    All domestic animals are taken to the Sevier Animal Care Center. For information about Sevier Animal Care Center and how you can adopt an animal, please call 865-465-6300 or visit
  • What about squirrels, skunks, and opossums and like animals? +

    The Department does not control wild animals. If left alone, most wild animals will soon leave on their own. If you are having a constant problem with wild animals, first check to see if there may be food left out or some other reason that the animals are returning. If the animals cause continuing problems, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will be contacted to handle the situation.
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Animal Control Ordinance

  • 1. Identification and Vaccination +

    SECTION 10-101. Identification of dogs. 10-102. Identification of cats. 10-103. Vaccination. 10-104. Penalties. 10-101. Identification of dogs. Each owner of Read More
  • 2. Injury to Property +

    SECTION 10-201. Injury to property. 10-202. Waste products accumulations. 10-201. Injury to property. It shall be unlawful for any person Read More
  • 3. Manner of Keeping +

    SECTION 10-301. Pens, yards, or runs. 10-302. Fences. 10-301. Pens, yards, or runs. All pens, yards or runs or other Read More
  • 4. Dogs & Cats Running at Large +

    SECTION 10-401. Prohibition. 10-402. Impounding dogs and cats. 10-401. Prohibition. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or possessing Read More
  • 5. Keeping Barking Dogs & Crying Cats +

    SECTION 10-501. Harboring. 10-502. Petitions complaining of vicious or barking dogs or crying cats. 10-501. Harboring. It shall be unlawful Read More
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Animals & Pets

The Sevierville Police Department oversees enforcement of animal control laws in the City. An Animal Control Officer (ACO) is generally on-duty Tuesday-Saturday; other patrol officers enforce animal control laws when the ACO is off-duty.

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