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  • Address/Phone/Fax Number +

    The Sevierville Convention Center (SCC) is located in historic Sevierville, Tennessee. The address is 202 Gists Creek Road, Sevierville, TN 37876. Phone number is (865) 453-0001. Fax number is (865) 868-1567. The delivery/shipping address is the same; however, all deliveries should be directed to the loading docks located in the rear of the SCC Building. Driving Directions to SCC,

  • Animals +

    Only certified service dogs will be allowed into the Sevierville Convention Center. All other animals are prohibited.

  • ATM - Automated Teller Machines +

    There is one ATM machine at the Sevierville Convention Center which is located in the Rotunda (main entrance) of the convention center.

  • Baby Changing Areas +

    Baby changing stations are located in every restroom at the Sevierville Convention Center.

  • Balloons +

    Balloons may not be given away or sold.

    Helium filled balloons are not permitted inside the Sevierville Convention Center.

  • Banners and Signs +

    Banners and signs are permitted only in designated areas pre-approved by SCC Event Coordinators. Gaffers Tape is the only tape permitted for use in the facility. The use of duct tape, double backed tape, masking tape, or scotch tape is not permitted inside the Sevierville Convention Center. The Sevierville Convention Center reserves the right to remove any banner or sign at their discretion under the direction and supervision of SCC Staff.

  • Concessions and Catering Services +

    We know that an exciting, memorable experience is what drives repeat business. That’s why we exclusively work with OVG Food Services & Hospitality. OVG Food Services & Hospitality’s cutting-edge Everything’s Fresh™ philosophy allows for innovation and customization of your menu for a large corporate function or concessions for a variety of events.

    Please contact OVG Food Services & Hospitality’s Catering Sales Manager Timothy Kafel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 865-868-1513 for information regarding your custom food and beverage plan.

  • Directions +

    Driving Directions to the Sevierville Convention Center.

  • Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures +

    In the event of a serious emergency or evacuation, SCC staff, law enforcement and fire personnel are available to assist. The Sevierville Convention Center is equipped with a public address system which may be used to relay pertinent information. Evacuations placards are located throughout the facility.

  • First Aid +

    If medical assistance is needed, please contact the nearest Event Coordinator or a SCC Staff Member. The Sevierville Convention Center is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices which our staff is trained to use. If additional medical attention is required, the Sevierville Fire Department can arrive within minutes.

  • Food and Beverage Policy +

    OVG Food Services & Hospitality is the exclusive food and beverage provider onsite. To view details about our onsite food and beverage provider and their services, please refer back to Concessions and Catering or Event Services

  • Load-in/Load-out +

    We are happy to make available for your use a limited number of carts. Load-in/Load-out is only permitted in the loading dock area which is located in the rear of the SCC building. Our Loading Dock includes: Ten Berths, Two Drive Ramps, Multiple Entries for trucks to drive onto the Exhibit Hall floors and 1.89 acres of paved parking area for trucks, trailers, equipment, etc.

  • Lost and Found +

    The Sevierville Convention Center requires show providers to designate an area for Lost and Found during the show. Any and all items are the responsibility of the Show Management Team. Any items remaining in our facility will be kept for one month; those unclaimed after that time will be donated to charity. In most cases any unclaimed credit or debit cards are destroyed immediately as recommended by the issuing financial institution.

  • Lost Children +

    Guests are encouraged to instruct children in their group what to do if they become lost. If a child does gets lost or separated from his or her group, the child should ask the nearest Sevierville Convention Center Staff Member for help. Attendees, show staff and convention center staff are directed to take a lost child to the Sevierville Convention Center’s Rotunda Area located near the main entrance of the facility. Parents and/or legal guardians looking for a lost child should follow the same procedure.

  • Medics +

    The Sevierville Convention Center requires the presence of a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) for certain types of events. If an EMT is onsite, they will be asked to respond when medical assistance is needed. If an EMT is not onsite and additional assistance is needed, the Sevierville Fire Department can respond within minutes.

  • Paging +

    Paging is permitted in the case of medical emergencies only when possible. If there is a medical emergency and paging is necessary, please contact the nearest Event Coordinator or a Sevierville Convention Center Staff Member.

    If the Sevierville Convention Center is contacted in the event of an emergency an Event Coordinator or Sevierville Convention Center Staff Member will attempt to deliver the message to the patron.

  • Parking +

    There are 1571 parking spaces available to guests of the Sevierville Convention Center. These parking lots are managed by the City of Sevierville. During show hours, unless otherwise noted, the Sevierville Convention Center does charge for parking.

    Parking rate is as follows: $10.00…Per Car…Per Day.

    The Sevierville Convention Center parking lots are accessed off of Gist Creek Road. Driving / Parking information.

  • Police +

    If you have an emergency requiring police attention, please contact the nearest Event Coordinator or any Sevierville Convention Center Staff Member. If the particular event you are attending does not require on-site security staffing, the Sevierville Police Department can be available within minutes.

  • Prohibited Items +

    In the interest of guest safety and enjoyment, the Sevierville Convention Center reserves the right to prevent certain items from being brought into the facility.

    The following includes, but is not limited to, items that are not allowed into the Sevierville Convention Center:

    • Food items
    • Beverages
    • Ice chests or hard-sided coolers
    • Fireworks
    • Bullhorns, air horns or other noisemakers
    • Confetti
    • Animals (except certified service animals)
    • Bicycles
    • Skateboards, scooter, or roller blades
    • Helium filled balloons
    • Sporting chairs
    • Open flame candles
  • Promotions/Vending +

    Any person or business wishing to distribute any promotional material or sell any product(s) during a Sevierville Convention Center event (both within the space contracted and in any public spaces maintained by the SCC such as: administration/ elevators/ back-of-house/ etc.) MUST receive permission to do so from the promoter of the show. Any person or business not authorized to distribute or sell ANY material or product will be asked to leave the Sevierville Convention Center property immediately. Call (865) 453-0001 for specific event information.

    Notice of Public Filming: Television filming and still photography will be in progress at most events. Your entrance onto the event site is your consent for our use of your image in film production, internet postings, advertising and publicity.

  • Skateboarding/Rollerblading +

    Skateboarding and/or rollerblading on Sevierville Convention Center property is strictly prohibited.

  • Smoke Machines +

    Smoke Machines are not permitted in the Ballroom Areas unless approved by the Building Superintendent. Approval will be based on compatibility with the fire alarm system.

  • Smoking Policy +

    The Sevierville Convention Center is a smoke-free facility and smoking is strictly prohibited. Smoking and tobacco use is restricted to the designated smoking locations. Smoking is not permitted within 25 ft. of any entrance door of the facility.

  • Solicitation/Literature +

    Soliciting contributions and/or distribution of literature on the Sevierville Convention Center property (inside or outside) by any person or business is prohibited without written consent from the Sevierville Convention Center or the event promoter.

  • Vendor Referrals +

    Please contact the Event Coordinator, Sales Manager or email us for vendor assistance.

  • Wheelchairs +

    The SCC has a limited number of wheelchairs available. Contact the Event Coordinator to request a wheelchair.

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