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November 2017

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Planning Process

Trails, Trees & Beautification Vision

Utilize rivers for future greenway growth. Continue to account for greeway space when building roads and aquiring right of ways. Look for an opportunity to build walking trails near Walters State read more..


Accident/Incident Reports Request Form

Reports are generally available 48 hours after completion of the officer's regular tour of duty. To request your report electronically, please fill in the Accident/Incident Report Request form. PLEAS... read more..


Records Division

Reports are generally available in 3-5 business days.   To request your report electronically, please fill out the ONLINE Accident/Incident Reports form. If you would like a report copy maile... read more..

Our Facilities

Floor Plans

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Our Facilities

Maintenance of CommunityCenter and Civic Center

History/Observations/Current Conditions: From 1982 until 2007 the Department of Parks and Recreation Department was 100% responsible for Maintenance/Daily Cleaning as well as Program Management of ... read more..

Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics

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