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River Course

The River Course is a par 72 that plays along and across the Little Pigeon River.


River Course Map  Score Card

River 600

Hole #1


River 1 360

River 1 190

Challenging start that you will not soon forget. With the Little Pigeon River running down the right side of the hole and a large pond making it hard to cut off distance on the left, this slight dogleg left becomes a risk-reward hole with plenty of length.  Once you have passed the test of hitting the fairway, don’t forget that the green slopes hard from back to front.  A shot below the hole will leave you with the best chance of making birdie.

Hole #2


River 2 360

River 2 190

Just like the first hole, water left and right makes for a demanding tee shot.  A great position to put the ball off the tee would be near the 150-yard marker.  This requires anywhere from a 175 to 275-yard tee shot depending on what tee you are playing from.  Your approach shot has a bunker guarding the left side of the green, making it difficult to access hole locations on that side.  Keep in mind the large slope running down the middle of the green.  It can be used to your advantage with a properly placed shot.

Hole #3


River 3 360

River 3 190

From the back tees this par 5 requires a slight draw that will take flight over the Little Pigeon River.  This hole can be reached in two, but don’t assume it will be easy.  With bunkers covering both sides of the green, a layup shot to the 150-yard marker will give you the highest percentage of success.  Keep in mind when choosing clubs that the green’s hole placement could vary the approach shot by as many as three clubs.  Missing this green can be costly!

Hole #4


River 4 360

River 4 190

From the back tee this hole plays just over 200 yards.  Bunkers guard shots short and to the right of the green.  A close shot is essential here for birdie due to a very undulated green.

Hole #5


River 5 360

River 5 190

A long par 4, this hole requires a solid tee shot in the fairway.  With the right side of the fairway leaving you in perfect position for your approach shot, two reachable bunkers on that side make it a difficult area to favor.  A large bunker also guards the left side of the green.  It is important to note when hole placements are located on the left side of the green.  The landing area is smaller and it is much more difficult to hold long iron shots.  The hazard that runs along the back side of the green will come into play when those shots don’t hold.  Your best percentages of playing this hole will come from playing towards the right portion of the green.

Hole #6


 River 6 360

River 6. 190

Coming off the islands, you have a straight away par 4 that requires you to place your tee shot between a fairway bunker on the right and a water hazard on the left.  After you have hit the fairway, this hole allows you to take dead aim at the flagstick.

Hole #7


 River 7 360

River 7 190

A par 5 playing 527 yards from the back tees.  If you have been waiting for a “birdie hole” this is your best chance so far.  With the Little Pigeon River running down the right side of the fairway and long fescue grass down the left, your greatest challenge on this hole will be finding the fairway.  Once you have, navigate your way through the bunkers guarding the green on both sides and a birdie will await you.

Hole #8


 River 8 360

River 8. 190

A solid tee shot on this par 4 is needed.  With out of bounds to the right and lengthy fescue grass to the left, hitting the fairway is ideal.  It is important to note that a water hazard comes into play off the tee from the forward tees.  Pay close attention to where the flagstick is.  This large undulating green leaves a considerable amount of tough hole locations to aim at.

Hole #9


 River 9 360

River 9 190

The front nine comes to an end with a lengthy par 3.  Playing just less than 200 yards from the back tees, the left and right sides of this green are separated with a large slope.  Trouble on this hole comes from two bunkers located just short and to the right of the green as well as long and left of the green.  Avoid those and your chances of success increase significantly.

Hole #10


 image not available 360

River 10 190

The back nine begins with a par 5.  A large fairway awaits you, although wayward shots can reach a pond running up the left side and a sizeable bunker on the right side.  This same pond can come into play on your next shot as well, making it better to favor the right side with your layup.  If you have the capability of reaching this green in two, beware of a bunker and the collection area directly behind it, strategically guarding the right side.  A shot hit over this green will lead to a difficult up and down. 

Hole #11


 image not available 360

River 11 190

This first hole of the four-hole loop across the road is a 371-yard par 4.  This hole runs out of fairway about 120 yards out.  Although your ball is findable past the fairway, the hole drops down into a ravine with high rough before coming back up to an elevated green.  The green has a drastic slope from back right to front left of the green.  Trouble is in play with a bunker just over the back of the green and a collection area short.

Hole #12


 image not available 360

River 12 190

 A tee shot in the fairway will lead to a much higher success rate on this hole.  Missing left will mean a dramatic side hill lie in the rough or a loss of ball in the fescue, while right has two bunkers in landing distance as well as tall fescue for longer hitters.  Your approach shot must be placed precisely as there is a large slope in the front of this green which can send your ball many yards back down the fairway.

Hole #13


 image not available 360

River 13 190

This par 3 playing 164 yards from the back tee can be a difference of three clubs, depending on the hole placement.  Elevation is a key factor in club choice, as the hole plays about a club shorter than usual.  Avoiding the bunkers left and placing your ball in the correct portion of the green will work to your advantage.

Hole #14


 image not available 360

River 14 190

A short but tight par 4, placement off the tee is essential to success.  From the tee more real estate is available on the right than it initially looks, although trouble is there with a creek running down the right side of the hole.  Keep in mind that the green is sloped from back to front on the approach shot.  For the most part, what you see is what you get.

Hole #15


 image not available 360

River 15 190

Heading back across the road, this par 4 provides a need for a solid tee shot.  From the back tee it is 230 yards to carry the water. Not to worry, from the other tees the shot is much shorter with no need to carry water.  From the fairway, take dead aim at the flagstick.  The only real challenge will be the length of the green from front to back.

Hole #16


 image not available 360

River 16 190

This par 4 invites you to a large fairway with a hazard on the left and a reachable fairway bunker on the right.  If you manage to keep the ball in the fairway, a mid-iron shot will await you to a slightly undulating green.

Hole #17


 image not available 360

River 17 190

This par 3 provides a shot that must carry over water.  Playing 160 yards from the back tee, the hole is dramatically affected by the hole placement.  If the hole is located on the right portion of the green, it could play a club shorter than if it was located on the back left portion of the green.  This green also has three tiers which could leave you with a difficult two putt if not placed correctly.

Hole #18


 image not available 360

River 18 190

This hole truly brings you to a highlight finish as this 572-yard par 5 calls for some demanding golf shots.  Off the tee you must hit a fairway that varies in width from 20-40 yards.  With Old Knoxville Hwy running down the right side of the hole and a large pond down the left, this tee shot was made to increase your heart rate.  The safest way to play this hole calls for a tee shot toward the right side, followed by a layup to the 150-yard marker.  This green has two tiers with a drastic slope separating the two, which makes it important to hit the correct portion of the green. 

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