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Smoke Alarm Tips

Overview: It’s a proven fact, having working smoke alarms in your home can reduce your chances of dying in a fire by at least 50%. It’s important for people to know the details behind why that is the case and how they can make sure their smoke alarms are set up properly. 

Most importantly, it is important for people to know where to install smoke alarms. Through the Get Alarmed, Tennessee program, the TSFMO advises that smoke alarms are installed in every sleeping area, outside every sleeping area, and on every level of the home. It is not necessary to install smoke alarms in a garage, attic, or laundry room. Make sure no smoke alarms are installed with 10 feet of a kitchen appliance to avoid nuisance alarms. 
It is also important for residents to know the difference between ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms, the effectiveness of having interconnected smoke alarms, and how often you should clean your smoke alarms.

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