Sky Lanterns Information

To ensure that summer holidays and events are celebrated safely, the State Fire Marshal’s Office wants to remind Tennesseans of legislation concerning sky lanterns.

They are to be operated only by licensed fireworks professionals.

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Arson Awareness Week

By the Numbers: Intentionally Set Fires

• 210,300 fires are intentionally set each year, representing 13 percent of all fires reported to fire departments.

• Intentionally set fires result in 375 deaths, 1,300 injuries, and $1 billion in direct property loss annually.

• The incidence of intentionally set fires peaks in the spring (March and April) and again in mid-summer (July).

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Pet Fire Safety

Pets give us comfort, friendship, and unconditional love. Our connection to them can be among the strongest relationships in our lives. But pets can cause fires. We need to be careful with pets in the home. Pets and wild animals have a part in starting about 700 home fires per year. Roughly three-quarters of these fires were started by cooking equipment, fireplaces or chimneys, lighting, or candles.

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Lightning Safety

12.1 Indoor Safety

12.1.1 Follow these guidelines during a lightning storm:
(A) Stay off corded phones, computers, and other electronic equipment that put you in direct contact with electricity.
(B) Avoid washing your hands, showering, bathing, doing laundry, or washing dishes.
(C) Stay away from windows and doors.

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Wildfire - Are You Prepared?

Tennessee residents often choose to make their homes in woodland settings – in or near forests, rural areas, or remote mountain sites. There, homeowners enjoy the beauty of the environment, but also face the very real danger of wildfire.

Wildfires often begin unnoticed. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees and homes. Reduce your risk by preparing now, before a wildfire starts. Meet with your family to decide what to do and where to go if wildfires threaten your area.

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Outdoor Burning

15.1.1 Check with your local fire department or municipality for any restrictions before starting an open air, recreational, or outdoor cooking fire. Obtain proper permits, if required. You might not be permitted to do outdoor burning in some municipalities and during some seasons.

15.1.2 Closely supervise all outdoor fires. Make sure the fire is out before leaving.

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